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Personal Training

When you sign up for personal training at willPOWER, that's exactly what you get!  PERSONAL training. We are not a cookie cutter gym that gives all clients the same workout and nutrition advice. We will make a program designed specifically for YOU and YOUR goals. The program is complete with nutrition advice, weight ins, before and after photos, body fat percentages and overall measurements. 

Cost - may be paid in full or weekly 

One on One

6 Sessions - $330 (or $55 per week)

9 Sessions - $450 (or $50 per week)

12 Sessions - $540 (or $45 per week)

Parter (2 people, price is per person)

6 sessions - $270 (or $45 per week)

9 sessions - $360 (or 40 per week)

12 sessions - $420 (or $35 per week

Contact -
Email Amanda at or
text at 260-249-8525

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